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Thursday, April 23, 2009

questions & answers: pt4

stargate writer joseph mallozzi has a blog that he sometimes opens up to guest bloggers. i sometimes submit questions.

this one was for peter deluise who directed several episodes of sg-1 over the years & even showed up as an extra a time or 2 & as a director in the wormhole x-tream episode.

archersangel writes: “if you’re still collecting questions for Peter DeLuise i have one;
how did you get invoved with stargate in the first place?”

PDL: Mario Azzopardi left a directing slot open when he went to go direct a Movie of the Week toward the end of the second season. N. John Smith brought me in as a substitute because we worked together on 21 Jump Street. Jonathan Glassner had worked on 21 Jump Street as well so he was familiar with what I could do.

more in the april 22, 2009 entry

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