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Friday, February 26, 2010

five things #100

unless i messed up the numbering, this is my 100th prompt for five things!

Five things John misses about Earth

1. the ability to go to any local bar to have a few beers, watch whatever game is happening on a big screen tv, argue with random people about the offense or defense & taking advantage of 10 cent wing nights.

2. going to an actual game once in a while. he swears that some of the best food can be had at a sports complex.

3. meeting a woman at a bar or game or even a supermarket & impressing her with the fact that he's a "flyboy." having a nice conversation, occasionally getting her number and getting a few dates out of it.

4. trees. john never really payed attention to them until he ended up on a planet without any.

5. TV. he misses watching the games live, catching a favorite movie once in a while & making snarky comments at the infomercials.

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