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Sunday, June 20, 2010

five things #109

Five foods (besides macaroons) someone on SG-1 made for a team member

sam often made chicken soup for whoever was sick at the time. it was from a mix, but sometimes she'd chop up carrots & celery to throw in. most times she'd just add some parsley & oregano.

for birthdays & other special occasions daniel made chocolate cake. sadly he doesn't know what happened to his mother's old recipe, so he uses a box mix. often tossing in some chocolate chips or chopped walnuts. sometimes both.

michell was taught by his mother to never visit someone's house empty-handed. so he often took banana bread that he made from his grandmother's recipe.

jack, like most men, considered himself king of the BBQ during team cookouts. especially since his sauce contained a secret ingredient. "it's beer, isn't it?" sam would always guess, causing jack to humph in mock annoyance.

once teal'c attempted to make satta-cakes when the rest of the team expressed an interest in trying them. sadly they didn't turn out too well. he doesn't know if he misremembered what his mother, then later his wife did. or it was that earth ingredients were too dissimilar from chulak ones. one thing that teal'c knew for sure; warrior he might be, baker he was not.

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