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Thursday, May 05, 2011

a question answered

in joseph mallozzi's blog he's been reminiscing about stargate: SG-1 starting with the 4th season when he joined the writing staff.

in the may 4th entry he wrote;
It’s often been said that number one on the call sheet sets the tone, and it’s true.  If your number one is miserable, he’ll make every single person on set miserable as well.  If, on the other hand, your number one is a t.v. veteran who loves what he’s doing and feels life is too short for petty on-set squabbles or power plays, then that positive attitude tends to influence the entire production.  Hey, I’m not saying it was always easy and that people never disagreed (ie. Boy, did Rick ever hate Prometheus) but there was always that mutual respect and sense that, in spite of any differences, all the parties would be back at it the next day, sharing a laugh and having a great time.  Rick, as I said, set the tone.

i commented;
“count me in the camp of wondering what RDA didn’t like about prometheus. are you saving that for your season 6 reminisce?”

in today's entry he  replied;
Yep.  You’ll have to wait until I finish reminiscing my way through SG-1′s fifth season.

now if i can just get him to answer the question i had about jonas quin.

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