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Saturday, September 24, 2011

five things #129

Five times the team made Teal'c feel like an adult in charge of a bunch of little kids

"all meat!" jack said.
"all cheese!" daniel responded.
"all vegatble!" sam countered.
"perhaps we should order-in something other than pizza." teal's suggested.
"mexican." "chinese." "thai." jack, daniel & sam replied at the same time.
teal'c sighed.

sharing a tent off-world wasn't too bad, it had room enough for all of them & no one really snored. then a sound like air escaping from a balloon could be heard. "what was tha....oh my God!" daniel exclaimed. "sorry. i think it was that stuff that looked like tuna they served for dinner." jack told them. "sorry." jack repeated as he broke wind again. sam stared coughing, but it had bit of a giggle in it. "an interesting noise." daniel commented and started chuckling. soon all of them were laughing. "i believe i'll sleep outside tonight." teal'c informed them.

"i've got shotgun!" daniel called out as they approach the car. "you got it last time." jack said, folding his arms. "did not!" daniel replied. "did too!" jack tells him. "actually, according to my list, it's my turn." sam informs them. "you keep a list?" jack wonders. teal'c takes his place in the car, knowing they'll soon give up and get in.

sam finished the last cut in the cake. "go ahead." she gestured with her knife. "lady's first." jack said. sam shook her head. "the one who cuts doesn't choose." jack shrugged and reached for a piece. "you would take the biggest one." daniel muttered. jack harrumphed & sam started in with how every piece was equal. teal'c took a piece for himself, walked away and let them fight it out.

part of the bank along the creek sg-1 was walking next to gave way, all four ended up in the water. they checked themselves for injuries and finding none, started to get out of the water. daniel slipped and fell, splashing sam. "watch it!" she said splashing him back. "it was an accident!" he said, scooping up a handful of water and hitting her in the chest with it. "both of you, cut it out right now!" jack said, kicking water at them both. sam and dainiel looked at each other for a moment, then started splashing jack, who sputtered in anger and tried to splash them back. teal'c climbed out of the water, laid out his gear to dry and waited for the others to tire themselves out.

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