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Thursday, November 10, 2011

five things #132

Five ways Jack kept his promise to show Teal'c his world

when teal'c asked about sports jack told him all about them. (well most of them. he knows very little about golf, soccer, lacrosse & jai alai.) he also showed teal'c sports magazines & a few games.

jack introduced him to earth food and drink. pizza, burgers, beer, hot dogs, cake, coffee, etc. and found out from teal'c that a surprising number of things were similar to food & drink on other planets.

teal'c asked about the music of earth and jack dragged out his old record player & his small collection of records. he even borrowed some from the library, including music from other countries.

while looking at a fashion magazine that had been left in the mess hall teal’c wondered aloud if most earth women looked like that. jack pointed to the women of SGC to explain that beauty came in all sorts of shapes, sizes & colors. he tried to find magazines that reflected this, but settled on discretely pointing out women that he considered beautiful the next few times he went off base with teal’c.

when teal'c commented about the size of the mountains in colorado, jack said: "these are nothing." and showed him pictures of the himalayas. this led to jack finding pictures of the great barrier reef, the grand canyon, aurora borealis, brazilian rain-forest, the serengeti, antarctica & the sahara desert.

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