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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

harry potter 7

i finally got to see part 2 of HP 7 (could've sworn i did something on part 1)

WARNING! spoilers ahead

first of all they added stuff or showed things that only got a mention in the books. i hate that.
fred's death wasn't shown, which could've bee a good opportunity to have percy back. (if you've read the book you know what i mean)
i liked the inclusion of luna/nevill, even though i think JKR didn't think like that.
some mention should've been made about how dumbledore's sister died.
why did they just have hagred being a prisoner of lore V in the forest?
why was the battle for hogwarts so dark? and did it have to be at night. 
why didn't tonk's & remus' kid get more than a throw away mention? and nothing was said about harry being the godfather. 
i guess the reason goyle died in the fire instead of crabbe was because the actor playing crabbe got into some sort of trouble.(if i recall) that's why there was some random slytherin boy with dracco in that scene.
i was a bit more emotional than i expected. 

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