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Thursday, April 12, 2012

five things #141

Five times Jack lied to Daniel

"you'll get your wife back."
jack never really believed it and if they did get her back, he wasn't sure if she would be the same.

"you'll see your grandfather again."
jack didn't believe it, but daniel was excited at the thought of nick coming back some day & telling him of his experiences with the giant aliens.

"you'll be posted in atlantis as soon as the ori are defeated."
with the IOA "suggesting" that it would be a good thing to keep daniel on earth & mitchell wanting to "keep the band together" jack knew that wasn't happening.

"good coffee."
daniel might know his coffees, but he made the worst coffee jack ever had. outside of the military.

"nice shirt."
jack didn't know squat about fashion, but daniel sometimes showed questionable taste in clothes. especially in the first few years that jack knew him.

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