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Saturday, May 12, 2012

five things #142

Five things Daniel found amongst his belongings after he descended that he could not explain

a dozen or so TV guides. since he rarely watches TV, daniel assumed he bought them for some article.

a kilt (university of chicago tartan). as far as he knows, daniel has no scottish ancestry. he assumed he wore it to a colleague's wedding.

a mix tape. since it's music that he never listens to, daniel assumed it was a gift from someone who didn't know what to get him.

a half dozen popular fiction paperbacks. since daniel prefers non-fiction, he assumed he got them from airport gift shops to read on planes.

50 dollars in canadian money. daniel's pretty sure he's never been to canada, so he has no explanation for that.

author's note--there is a university of chicago tartan;
(daniel studied at the university of chicago's oriental institute)

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