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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

five things #171

Five unusual injuries.

while helping to evacuate a village about to be flooded daniel sprained his wrist while changing a baby's diaper.
"it was a big baby."

mitchell once slipped while getting into his fighter jet, fell on on the control panel & bruised his right nipple.
"it had been raining & that ladder should've been tried off."

sam once sat on her cat, schroedinger, and ended up needing four stitches on her butt.
"he wasn't there when i went to sit down."

at a friend's BBQ jack tripped over their dog, falling face first onto the plate of food he was carrying & getting several baked beans up his nose.
"it was one of those little things that ran around & yipped a lot."

apparently (according to rya'c who heard it from drey'auc) it involved a teenaged teal'c, some satta-cake batter & an in'tar.
"i do not wish to discuss it."

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