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Thursday, April 18, 2013

five things #177

Five things that happened aboard Odyssey during "Unending" that Teal'c never knew about.

he never knew that vala wanted to throw him a surprise birthday party. daniel explained that it wasn't a good idea to surprise a jaffa.

teal'c never knew that the prank on landry involving shaving cream filled balloons was meant for him. landry gave the perpetrator, mitchell, such a dressing down that he never told anyone about the mistake.

he never knew that vala often took the candles he used for kel'no'reem because she didn't want to bother sam to make some with the mater converter. later when she wasn't busy, vala had her make replacements.

he never knew that sam tried to reproduce his favorite satta-cakes with the mater converter. for some reason they turned out either very dry or hard as a rock. she never said anything because it was one of her few failures.

teal’c never knew daniel was planning to stage a jaffa ceremony to honor teal’c for his loyalty & service to the SGC in their common causes. but he couldn’t recall how it went & didn’t want to offend teal’c, so he dropped the idea.

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