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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

five things #181

Five lives a Daniel lived on the other side of the Quantum Mirror that our Daniel doesn't know about

1. going against most people's expectations, daniel became a librarian. he now works at the library of congress.

2. several years after divorcing dr. sarah gardner, he married catherine langford's niece sabrina gosling. they're expecting twins this fall.

3. daniel wasn't on the original abydos mission due to needing his appendix removed. afterwards, he was able to help get funding for the stargate program by testifying in front of a congressional committee.

4. he got burnt-out in college & quit to work in a coffee shop. after 10 years was given the chance to buy the owner out when she retired, he did and now owns two, with plans to open a third next year.

5. daniel refused to join SG-1 after apophis came to earth because of his obligations on abydos, his wife & new-born son chief among them. a few years later he died after his appendix burst. 

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