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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

five guys burgers

a five guys burger & fries place opened not long ago near here, so we decided to check it out. noting more overpriced, average food. we took a lot of extras napkins (very cheap ones at that) & were reminded of the garfield strip where he & jon are at some coffee place, jon asks if garfield's ready to go & garfield thinks :for $6 i'm eating the chair. (or something)
the music was way too loud (jimmy john's subs is like that too) i supposed that's to discourage people from staying too long. but i can't see how anyone can stand to work there. we had to practically shout our order to the cashier. the chairs had now padding, so we ate in the car. and the place is decorated with every good write-up & review the company ever had. even in the bathrooms! i guess you could call the style smug superiority. i could see a few, perhaps a dozen spread out over the place, but they must have had at least 100.

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