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Wednesday, October 05, 2016

fall "themed" donuts

while in wal-mart not long ago i came across apple cider donuts from entenmann's and i had just been talking to my brother a few days about how i'd like to try apple cider donuts like you hear about at apple orchards in the fall. well, the entenmann's version doesn't seem very apple cider-like. perhaps the "real" ones are better.

and while getting those from the display (i need to have blinders like a horse when i go into a store) i found some pumpkin (not pumpkin spice) from the same company. they didn't taste like pumpkin, but occasionally i'd get a hit of it like on the left edge of my tongue.

but both were very fresh & had a nice glaze. entenmann's is expensive, but good. there's a "thrift" store that deals in day (or two) old baked goods somewhat near here & if we had the time, money & freezer space we'd go and load up on stuff.

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