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Sunday, December 16, 2007

the 5th harry potter movie

warning! spoilers for the 5th harry potter movie & book. possible spoilers for the other movies/books

yesterday i saw the 5th harry potter movie & it was great! a damn good book too. however, 4-7 should come with a hanky warning for the end.
of course it couldn't cover what the book did, that would be a 9 hour movie. for example: the whole hermione crusade to liberate the house elves plot thread was dropped.
i didn't like the fact that cho change was made the informer of the group (even though a potion was used on her) in the book it was a friend of her's. but it's better for the character than crying over cedric (her boyfriend who was killed at the end of 4) like in the book.
they keep talking about you-know-who causing trouble 14 years ago. but harry's about 16 & i thought he was just an infant when all of that happened. but i suppose he could've been a bit older.
i like the little thing with hermione's cat playing with fred & george's "extendable ears" but it would've made more sense, IMHO. to mention that the weasley twins went into a joke/prank business with harry's winnings from the wizard tournament in 4.
they made sure that kreacher didn't look like doby lest you tink that all house elves look alike. they should've explained that the woman's voice that he was talking to was the picture of sirius' mother. a anti-mugle.
evanna lynch was wonderful as luna, just what you expect. i wonder if she sounds that way in real life? or was it something for the movie?
helena bonham carter chew the scenery for the brief time she was there. i don't mean that as something negative, you expect secene-chewing from bad guys.
i don't know why people are going on about natalia tena as tonks. she had all of maybe 6 lines. and honestly didn't strike me as something great.
michael gambon was good as dumbledore. nothing against him, but i will always see richard harris in the role. his granddaughter called that one right.

unintended dirty moment: when fred & george apperaite behind their mother: "just because you're old enough, dosen't mean you can whip out your wands when ever you want!" (or something. you get the gist)

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