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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

well that's odd

i was sort of watching pirate's of the caribbean: at world's end last night. my mom & brother were watching it while i was on the computer. lame-ass ending by the way. anyhow, that reminded me of a dream that i had after sort of watching the last POTC movie.

in this dream i was a cousin of elizabeth's who was causing trouble because i didn't want to wear a corset or marry who my parents wanted me to marry. somehow i ended up on the same ship as elizabeth & captain jack. for some reason he let me hold that compass that points to what you want the most. the needle was spinning around & around. "you're confused. you don't know what you want." the captain told me. then the needle stopped & was pointing northwest. "but whatever it is, it's to the northwest." he amended. then he took the compass away from me & walked off. i woke up after that.

that's was an odd one & not just because of the POTC thing. what would be in the north west? if you're in the U.S. (like i am) it's seattle or vancouver Canada. if you're in australia, there's not much in the northwest. if you're en europe, england is the northwest. so i'm almost just as confused as i was in the dream.
the only thing that comes to mind is i'd like to go to a big stargate convention that creation (or someone) has up there in vancouver every year.

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Anonymous said...

odd indeed