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Monday, January 19, 2009

defending anonymous

i might have mentioned her that i lurk at a blogging community called live journal. like here you can comment as anonymous. but lately several of the blogs i read have disabled that comment setting. presumably they had trouble with people making stupid or nasty comments. it's their prerogative of course, but not every anonymous is a bad one.
this one LJ i read stopped anonymous comments after i disagreed with some posts & had the option of getting a text message whenever someone commented. well any post could get anywhere from 1-100 comments. so if you'er stupid enough to have that option, you could get burned. i was so pissed that i stopped reading that one.
i admit i was tempted to get a LJ account, but i have this blog that no one reads. plus, you can only have 5 avatars for a free account (here you can put one is as a picture) there's the whole "friending" thing & all the drama every time the LJ powers that be make a decision.
so i think that everyone should do like i do, screen all comments. and if you don't have time to look through them all, just screen the anonymous ones.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for defending us anonymous types.