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Sunday, January 04, 2009

five things #64

Five things Cam and Daniel have in common (besides a "limited gene pool" as Vala put it).

1. they both want to write a novel. daniel is thinking of some kind of cross between indiana jones & star trek. mitchell is thinking of some kind of adventure with bomber pilots during WW2.

2. they never had a "type" of woman that they went for. redheads, brunettes, it didn't matter. they always looked for similar interests, a good sense of humor & an IQ in the triple digits.

3. neither one really cared for desserts, beyond an occasional cup of jello.

4. each considered dropping out of high school. daniel because he was being bullied, mitchell because he wanted to get on with his life. both were talked out of it by their favorite teacher.

5. they both have a subscription to national geographic, but for different reasons.

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