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Friday, February 27, 2009

being nit-picky

so last night my brother & we were watching bones on, in this episode a valued long sword prop was the motive for the murder of the week. it was supposedly used in the first fantasy movie. anyway, in the episode it was stated that it was a replica of a sword from 100 a.d.
WRONG! according to my (limited) research, that type of sword did come into being until about 1350. so bones with her know-it-all attitude (which is getting on my nerves) missed that. however, it looks like the show was right on a fighter sometimes holding the lower part of the blade to better control the weapon in thrusts and jabs.
there's an interesting documentary on the rise and fall of the sword as a weapon that's coming out soon that looks interesting.

ETA: taking the commenter's suggestion, i found the trailer & will add it here. it's called reclaiming the blade

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jat said...

You should embed the trailer here.