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Friday, February 06, 2009

five things #70

Five ways things would be different if Charlie had lived.

1. jack wouldn't have been assigned to be in charge of that first abydos mission, kawalsky was with more or less the same results. later kawalsky was promoted to lt. col. & lead sg-1. where he keeps a tighter leash on daniel than jack, resulting in daniel having fewer deaths.

2. a few months after charlie's birthday the year that he was found with jack's gun, got a lecture and was grounded. they found out that flu sara was fighting was really a pregnancy. elizabeth o'neill was 2 weeks late & had her daddy wrapped around her little finger from the start. charlie is the proudest (& as far as he's concerned, the best) big brother in the world.

3. a few months after elizabeth was born jack retired and opened a bait & tackle shop with a couple of fishing buddies.

4. when charlie was 15 the family moved to canada for him to be in a better hockey program. when he was 18, he became the youngest player in the NHL draft that year. two years later his team won the stanley cup.

5. shortly after the big win charlie met a woman sports reporter. he likes dogs, she like cats. he drinks coffee, she drinks tea. he vacations in the mountains, she vacations at the beach. they have heated discussions about everything from penalties in hockey to the best bait to use for catching certain fish. the wedding is next spring.

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