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Monday, May 18, 2009

five things #83

Five times Cam confused Vala completely.

1. anytime he talked about star trek. he would toss out words like; klingon, phaser, & replicator (which apparently wasn't one of those replicators) and letter groups like TNG & TOS. all of which confused her.

2. when mitchell talked about cars. transmissions, distributors, carburetors & some sort of plugs that sparked. vala was befuddled.

3. if he'd go on about sports. point spreads, drafts, end zones, designated hitters & playing off. she was left bewildered.

4. whenever mitchell discussed the finer points of beer. lager, stout, lite, dark & drinkability. it confounded vala.

5. he was interested in sam & she in him, if vala was reading the signs correctly. vala couldn't understand whey he didn't make a move. was it the difference in rank? some regulation? both seemed to be discombobulated. she was perplexed by them both.

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