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Thursday, May 14, 2009

star trek rant

warning! spoilers for the new trek

the new star trek movie is so....ugh!

i'd like to preface this by saying i haven seen it & will never see it. this is all for various spoilers.

first of all; young people, what is it with all of these movie franchises doing the early years crap now?
second; the fancy-pants ship. WTF? it's the ibridge by apple apparently.
aaannnnddddd it's a freakin' alternate time-line! which means that 40 years of trek history (some good, some bad) never happened!!
never mind all of the other WTFery of kirk being an arrogant ass (more than usual), vlucan being destroyed, spock & uhura are a item (her maybe to get kirk jealous) some people have a problem because it a teacher/student thing, the romulans are less than great, the original spock (they call him spock prime in the credits *rolls eyes*) shows up with something called red matter, (not sure what this is or why he has it, but it's very dangerous), mccoy gets pushed to the side story-wise,
and there's more i just can't recall it all.

most people are; "OMG! it's great!" or "OMG! it's horrible!" i really don't see how anyone can call this star trek. as my brother said; "it's not star trek, it's an action movie in space" i agree. i'm afraid to read full spoilers for this, i'm sick enough as it is. i won't even tag this post with "star trek." lest it soil the title.
all of the people involved in the original series who have passed on are going "WTF?!" as we speak.

*clings to all of the trek (series, movies & novels) that have gone before this*

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