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Thursday, June 18, 2009

scheduling & a relization

so the schedule is out for the anime-expo & we're trying to pin stuff down. there's a lot of stuff to be announced in regards to the movies that will be shown, so we are trying to keep our plans flexible.
there an origami panel/event (i don't know if that's about doing your own or what) that sounds interesting. "the art of glowsticking" apparently has something to do with dancing while holding glowsticks. "coloring manga w/copic markers" sounds interesting. on the last day there is a convention feedback panel. i'm sure that will be interesting too. if there's a good span of time where we aren't doing anything, we'll try to hit the los angeles county museum of natural history, or whatever it is called.
the realization; we'll be away from the internet for 6 whole days! *eeep* that will be a lot of spam to come back to.

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