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Thursday, August 13, 2009

i might be girly, help!

i'm the tomboy type, no dresses, no make-up & the thought of dressing up makes me uneasy. but sometimes my girly side pokes her head out.

girly-me: oooo! look at this dress!
tomboy-me: we don't wear dresses. *shudder*
girly-me: it's so pretty & at least it's not pink.
tomboy-me: well that's true, but where would we wear it?
girly-me: um, halloween?
tomboy-me: maybe. would it be too weird just to wear it around the house where no one could see?
girly-me: it doesn't matter, because it's so pretty. *bats eyelashes*
tomboy-me: get away from me!

so it was a surprise to me that i wanted, a certain pair of shoes. these ones, to be exact. sears had them for like $64, shoe carnival had them for like $52, but today they were like $34. so i got them! *raises shoe box in victory*
so apparently i covet shoes some times, but apparently only "sporty" ones. next up, these converse ones. (i think)

shoe carnival is weird, they had music playing & when video killed the raido star came on the clerk come over the PA system & said; "if someone can tell me what's special about this song, you get a prize!' well i knew it was the first video played on MTV. so i told the guy & got a shoe carnival potato chip bag clip, in neon lime green. *rolls eyes*

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