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Sunday, August 02, 2009

five things #85

Five things Cassie only likes (or definitely prefers) to do with Sam.

1. shopping for clothes. her mother will list the reasons why an outfit "just doesn't work." sam will just frown or bite her lip, depending on how bad or inappropriate an outfit is.

2. doing her homework. her mother does little more than "check her work." sam would give her hints & clues on how to figure it out herself.

3. taking walks around the neighborhood. her mother will quiz her about school & that boy in math that she foolishly mentioned was cute. sam will let cassie talk about whatever is bothering her or just walk in companionable silence.

4. riding in a car. sam will let cassie pick the radio station. her mom only listens to NPR or classical.

5. going to sci-fi conventions. her mother wonders why she doesn't go see art shows or something educational. sam doesn't get why she likes certain shows or movies, but she'll happily go along for company & take pictures of cassie with people in costume.

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