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Monday, July 20, 2009

food on the road

so, inspired by joseph mallozzi's blog, we took pictures of the food on our journey. (except for the snacks that that we took with us & the steamed buns, because we forgot)

this was breakfast going over. (we sprung for first class) an omelet with unknown cheese, chicken sausage, croissant w/jelly, potatoes, strawberries & grapes. the fruit was overripe, the sausage was greasy & the croissant was dry. overall, not horrible. brother had the same. (i took this pic)

lunch at california pizza kitchen; brother had the miso seafood salad, he liked it.

i had the waldorf chicken salad with blue cheese dressing. the dressing isn't like what you get in a bottle, but i liked the salad. (brother took these)

breakfast at denny's (day 1) it was the pick 4 from this list grand slam deal. i had scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage & white toast w/ jelly. it was good, or i was just hungry.

brother had the same deal, but his was; scrambled eggs, sausage, hash browns & an english muffin. (he took these as well)

later that day at red mango; my strawberry & banana is on the left, his gram cracker & strawberry is on the right (i took this)

fat burger (day 2) baby fat burgers. expensive but good. (i think he took this)

vanilla milkshake at fat burger (his) he liked it. (i took this one)

brunch at IHOP (day 3) my chicken strips & fries. not bad

his bacon cheeseburger & fries, he liked it (i took these 2)

brunch at subway (day 4) my black forest ham & swiss on italian bread at left, his seafood salad on wheat at right. we liked them well enough, but the seafood (we split them) came back. (brother took this)

on the way back in first class. our lunch of BBQ chicken on a toasted ciabatta bread with coleslaw. the bread was too toasted for our tastes & the coleslaw barely had any dressing.

the thin brownie for desert that was good though. brother had the same (he took these)

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