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Friday, July 10, 2009

day 2 convention report

july 3, 2009
day 2 of the convention, day 3 in los angeles for us.
the day started early for us as i wanted to check out a travel in japan talk & my brother wanted to go to some anime panel. so i get in line, but in a convention you don't know what's a line & what's just people just sitting along the wall.
i learned some interesting things in the travel japan talk.
  • no one in japan has tattoos, except the mob. so if you have any they avoid you. so it's best to cover them up
  • no one points at anything, they gesture.
  • mcdonald's has a shrimp burger over there. i wanted it.
  • even the locals get lost in toyko

later we went to fat burger for lunch. it was expensive, but good. after a while we went to the sellers hall & didn't make it to this coloring with coptic markers demo thing. we went back to the hotel to kill a couple of hours before the funimation preview. the "killing time" included yet another dinner of the snacks we brought & pop from the vending machine. it was late in the day & it started late, so it ended being the latest night out for us.
when we get back to the hotel, i discover another problem; a developing blister on the bottom of my left foot, just under the second toe. luckily we have bandaids & i decide to put one on in the morning & hope it sticks.

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