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Friday, July 17, 2009

have book, will travel

author dayton ward has this thing on his livejournal (a challenge if you will) to take one of his books out with you during your summer. i answered the call & took one with me to los angeles for anime-expo. the book was tales of the dominion war, edited by keith r.a. decandido. which contains the dayton ward & kevin dilmore story field expediency (here after referred to as the book)

so here's the story.

this is me holding the book outside the staples center. (which is right next door to the l.a. convention center) the book, being the literary sort, wasn't interested in any sport activities that might have been going on at the time.

me & the book outside the los angeles county museum of natural history. the book liked these dinosaur statues & some others that were outside the building.

the book inside the museum (& me holding it) by a aztec pictogram-thing. the book liked this area, called the visible vault, but the lighting was bad or nonexistent in a number of displays.

this time it's my brother holding the book outside the l.a. colosseum, home of many olympic events. the book actually liked this sports-related area, but it always had a fondness for anything pertaining to ancient rome.

the book outside the los angeles public library. the book is fond of libraries, but this particular one wasn't open at the time. much to it's, & my, disappointment.

well that concludes the book's adventures. while it had a good enough time, being the home-library sort, it has no interest in going that far afield again.

1 comment:

Dayton Ward said...

Those are great! I think I like the dinosaur and the Coliseum one the best. :)