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Thursday, July 09, 2009

day 1 convention report

july 2, 2009
because of standing out in the hot sun the day before, my brother & i are badly sunburnt. he had a ball cap, so it's on his arms, neck & ears. i had no hat & long hair, so it's on my face and arms. the "walking map" he gets from the valet booth isn't accurate & we have to wander for a few more blocks before finding the local pharmacy. when we do find it, we get aloe gel for the burns & a hat for myself.
all the wandering is making us late for the origami class we wanted to check out. since there's another one in a couple of days, we skip it & go to for breakfast. where we layer on the gel.
since the next thing we want to see is in the late afternoon, we take the DASH route F to the los angeles county museum of natural history. not much there & what is there has bad lighting, so that's probably why it was $9. the only good thing was the gem & mineral area. after taking some pictures of the rose garden next door, we go across the street to the USC campus to check out the lot, which is a food court. we each had a cup of frozen yogurt from red mango. i wasn't impressed with it, even thought it's supposed to be real yogurt.
we take the dash F back to the convention center where we apply more aloe gel, check out the arcade that they have set up & get in line for the right stuf panel afterwards, we head back to the hotel for a dinner of snacks, some tv watching & a slightly later bed time.

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