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Monday, July 13, 2009

day 3 convention report

july 4, 2009
we got up aiming to hit an origami talk at 9 and a lunch (brunch?) at IHOP at about noon. then try for another coptic markers thing later in the day.
we ended up cutting out of the origami thing early because that stuff was way too hard for beginners. i thought that we might make it to the cardcaptors movie: 2, but according to the revised schedule, it wasn't going on. *blaaaa!*
so we went to IHOP with about 1/3 of downtown los angeles. it was so busy in there, probably because it was open on july 4th.

on a side note; my brother was with me on the non-esclator thing most of the time. only going on them 4 or 5 times.

after a brief stop at the los angeles public library for pictures, we went tback to the hotel to rest until the coptic markers thing. USA was doing a bond marathon & we watched some of the world is not enough.
the coptic marker thing fell through because you had to draw something firs & can't draw. so we went to the manga cafe (basically just a place to read manga) for a while. then back to the hotel for tv & another dinner of snacks & pop. the machine on our floor was out of coke, so we had to get sprite.

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