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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

day 4 convention report

july 5, 2009
after a breakfast of subs at a 24 hour subway we hit the convention feedback session. everything that we wanted to address was brought up by others. several people said it was better in years past. i said to my brother; "of course it was."
we had time to kill until the next thing, so we went to the seller's hall. afterwards, we went to the manga cafe for a while. he wanted to go to the arcade for a while, i wasn't interested so i sat on the floor in the hall to wait.
the thing that we wanted to see was zelda mythbusters (can stuff from the video games be done?) but there was like 1,000 waiting to get in, so we said "f**k it" the room couldn't hold that many (it was the same one as the con feedback & the travel japan talk) a fact that people are bitching about on the anime-expo forums.
we walked the 8 or so blocks back to the hotel so we could check out a japanese convenience store. we each got a steamed bun & went to the hotel to have a dinner of them, some snacks & pop from the vending machine. which we had to get from another floor because there still wasn't any coke in the one on our floor. we scored by finding patriot games on tv from nearly the beginning!
BTW the prices for food that the convention center were obscene! $2.00 for a 12oz. can of pop! $6.00 for a little hamburger & fries! tip: go a few blocks in any direction to find a restaurant or bring your own food.

we didn't take pictures of the hotel or the convention center. if you want to see some; go to their sites. the los angeles convention center & the marriott downtown (i think it's the the la hotel downtown now)

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