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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

coming home

july 6, 2009
we got up bright & early to leave. (we'd regularly had been getting up anywhere form a hour to 30 min. before the alarm) the shuttle was scheduled for 8:50, so we killed time by watching yet another bond movie on USA, this time it was the man with the golden gun. there was a minor car wreck on the street that ran behind our hotel which was almost as entertaining.
i wanted to go check out at 8:14 (because who knows how long it would take) but my brother didn't want to wait too long for the shuttle, so we agree to go at 8:20. we get checked out in short order & the damn shuttle is 10 min. late!
there was some gridlock on the way to the airport that caused some tense moments. then the ticket agent prints all of our boarding passed with my name & our first flight number! luckily the TSA agent noticed it. we got the right ones (we both read them several times) and get on the plane. we could barely stay awake for lunch, which was BBQ chicken on a toasted ciabatta bread with coleslaw. the bread was too toasted for our tastes & the coleslaw barely had any dressing. there was a small, thin brownie for desert that was good though. after lunch we both slept briefly.
BTW we both think this guy was on our flight from los angeles. someone asked what he was doing in la. & he said something about two & a half men. so look for him this season.
at the airport we had to go down (up?) half of concourse A then over to B & go halfway up (down?) that. good thing the plane was on time or we'd have to haul ass. we got on the plane & made back to our home airport so that concludes our saga. overall it wasn't too bad, but we wouldn't do it again.
homebodies unite!

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