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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

five things #90

Five ways Daniel and Jack ended up together

1. they ended up sharing the same room during one of several medical quarantines at the sgc. it was some kind of pox or flu, no one recalls which.

2. they were paired up during a training exercise where jack had to pretend to be injured & daniel had to carry him out of some forest.

3. they ended up in the backseat of sam's car after a sgc picnic. jack having been stung by a bee & daniel hit with a stray frisbee.

4. they ended up seated next to each other on a plane to d.c. once. jack usually took an earlier flight to avoid sitting near daniel, who talked too much on plane rides for his own comfort. jack was bumped & solved this issue by pretending to sleep.

5. both ended up walking cassie down the isle at her wedding because she couldn't choose one over the other.

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