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Saturday, November 14, 2009

five things #91

Five things Vala would miss about Earth if she left.

1. tv; especially the soap operas that she finds compelling.

2. the sweets; earth had some of the best cakes & candies of any planet that she's been to.

3. the shopping; so many stores, with so much variety & don't forget the wonders of "shopping at home" either through the internet or a catalogue.

4. karaoke nights at the local bars; fun, food, booze & music.

5. the freedom; she was allowed go & do what she wanted (within reason) on many planets you needed papers to move from area to area, even just from city to city. that is if you could get them. if you did, you still had to answer questions about who you were, where you were going, for how long & why when you got the border. then if you did make it across, the people in charge might ask you to leave for any number of reasons. sometimes they were looking for a bribe. other times just to exercise their power.
these earth people didn't know how good they had it.

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