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Monday, July 12, 2010

five things #110

Five times Jack wishes he hadn't been promoted to general

from when he was in charge of the SGC

he had to make decisions about everything. not just the major stuff but also what bunting should be used & what to do with those damn potaotes.

he couldn't go on missions anymore. jack didn't mind missing the ones where they got shot at & technically he could still go on a mission or two, he just had to fill out a boatload of paperwork to to so.

dealing with "the brass." sometimes it seemed like the higher the rank, the lower the I.Q.

the paperwork. jack swore the paperwork tripled when he became a general & when he wasn't doing paperwork, walter was bugging him to do paperwork.

writing the letter to someone saying their child/spouse/parent had been killed in the line of duty. and he couldn't even them what the duty was.

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