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Sunday, July 25, 2010

five things #111

Five things Cam’s lost over the years

1. his virginity. actualy he gave that to meg, the 18 year-old cousin of one of his friends the summer he turned 16.

2. his swiss-army knife. mitchell's father gave it to him when he moved from cub scouts to boy scouts. he's sure he left it at home when he went to the air force academy, his mother swears he took it with him.

3. amy vandenberg. missed the opportunity to date her in high school, discovered that she liked him at the 20th reunion, then the nature of his work & being based in a different state from her lead to a mutual agreement to "just be friends."

4. his dog. technically digger wasn't his dog, he was mitchell's dad's & he isn't technically lost, he passed on. his dad found digger as a puppy in a road-side ditch shortly after the accident that took his legs. cameron & digger grew-up together and 14 years a long time to have a good dog.

5. his mind. somewhere around the time he re-formed sg-1.

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