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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

five things #112

Five lives Daniel didn't have

life #1; his parents didn't get killed when he was 8. daniel grew up happy & healthy to become an archaeology professor at stanford university.

life #2; apophis never came to earth or went to abydos. daniel & sha'uri had 6 children. he became chief advisor to skaara when kasuf died.

life #3; his parents did get killed when he was 8, but his grandfather nick adopted him. daniel wrote a book with nick about his aliens built the pyramids theory, which didn't do too badly.

life #4; apophis did come to earth & went to abydos, but didn't take sha'uri or skaara. daniel joined sg-1, at his wife's instance, to stop the goa'uld.

life #5; daniel married dr. sarah gardner. they didn't have any children, but published several notable papers & are currently writing a book about the egyptian ptolemaic dynasty.

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