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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

five things #113

Five things Sam created using the Asgard computer in "Unending" and never told anyone about/was sworn to secrecy about

what she never told anyone about
sexy underwear for herself. often it was how she felt "feminine" while wearing BDUs & a certain colonel general always appreciated her wearing them.

what she was sworn to secrecy about
for vala; stuffed animals. once daniel made a snarky comment about them, she started keeping them in an empty crewman's quarters.

for mitchell; all the stuff that he trashed in his room in frustration. more than once.

for teal'c; a ceremonial suicide dagger. old jaffa warriors who can not pass on their knowledge or have no one to teach, often took their own lives. he returned it the next day.

for daniel; a dartboard with a picture of a.e. wallis budge on it

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