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Sunday, April 17, 2011

no waffles?!

managed to hit the golden corral breakfast buffet yesterday. it was ok except for one thing; no waffles! they had two kinds of pancakes (plain & blueberry) and two kinds of french toast (plain & banana nut) but no waffles!
i'm a waffle person, don't really care for pancakes. i can't be the only one, so why can't they work it in? my brother pointed out that they have two pots of bacon & two of sausage links, so why can't they take out one of those put one of waffles in their place?

then again, maybe they only have waffles on sunday?

BTW the food i had was fine, except for the breakfast burrito (90% onion & green pepper, 8% egg & 2% sausage) but the whole experience was lessened for lack of waffles.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

lack of waffles is always a bad thing.