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Sunday, October 16, 2011

five things #131

Five pieces of advice the members of SG1 offer newbies, off the record

carry more than the suggested number of meal bars. because; 1. sometimes the local food is stuff that guy on bizarre foods wouldn't touch and 2. occasionally giving one to a hungry-looking local will have benefits later on.

don't hook-up with any locals if you can avoid it. you never know who's really the chief's son or a supposedly virgin priestess & sometimes the gender isn't what you thought.

always use twice the recommended purification tablets when you fill your canteen with the local water. montezuma's revenge is not limited to earth.

try not to voice your admiration of anything, this often leads to someone offering to give it to you. it's bad enough when it's a colorful tent, but when it's 50 sheep plus 2 shepherds it gets problematic.

be careful with your gestures. an innocent one to us could be a major insult to someone else.

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