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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

five things #137

Five things Teal’c remembers from the 50 years on the Odyssey that he does tell the others

1. he told them about movie night & pizza night, poker night, karaoke night, poetry night.... they did a lot to keep from being bored.

2. teal'c talked about the speculations that they had about what might have happened on earth if they were actually there all of those years. mitchell thought that 3-D technology would improve, sam was certain there would be a woman president of the U.S. & no one thought the stargate program would be made public.

3. he mentioned the cooking attempts that went wrong; sam's go at making souffle & mitchell trying, and mostly failing, to make his grandmother's recipes based on what he remembered of their taste.

4. teal'c brought up mitchell's on-going quest to recreate every video game he had ever enjoyed playing. he had talked sam into helping him, with limited success.

5. he said that daniel had tutored them in various languages & was annoyed that not one of them had a passable accent. 

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