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Friday, December 14, 2012

five things #167

Five conversations going on while the SGC crew is doing laundry

jack: "i can never remember, do grays go with whites or colors?"
daniel: "i usually put the dark gray with the colors & the light gray with the whites. unless i'm adding bleach to the whites, then it goes with the colors."
jack: "sounds good."

mitchell: "this is the third sock i've lost in this dryer in the past year!"
sam: "you know, general o'neill had this theory that if we traveled through the stargate long enough we'd find the planet of lost stuff. he was sure half of it would be socks lost in the dryer."
mitchell: "i'm looking forward to that day."

daniel: "damn it! something red accidentally got in with my whites & now they're all pink!"
teal'c: "col. mitchell is of the opinion that real men wear pink."
daniel: "he can have it. i wonder if bleach will work."

jack: "carter, i think the dryer with your um....delicates is done."
sam: "thanks sir."
jack: "purple thongs major?"
sam: "they were a birthday gift from an old roommate!"

jonas: "i don't understand the purpose of fabric softener."
sam: "just like it says on the bottle. it softens fabric."
jonas: "are most of the clothes on earth so rough that you need chemicals to soften them?"
sam: "ah....personally i don't use the stuff." 

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