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Saturday, December 08, 2012

five things #166

Five Earth customs Vala adopts as her own

gift giving for all sorts of occasions. vala's gifts were usually more fun than practical & she always used bright wrapping paper and a lot of ribbon.

making a toast. vala always kept it short and avoided rhymes.

giving candy to kids on halloween. it seemed to make them happy and vala's costume always got a look of appreciation from the fathers/uncles/older brothers who accompanied them.

decorating for the major holidays. vala felt it got people in the right frame of mind for the holiday in question & she often wore a holiday-themed barrette.

celebrating birthdays. vala thought it was nice for people to have a day that was theirs. even if someone didn't like to celebrate the day she always got them a card or bought them their favorite drink or snack.

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