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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

five things #193 (3)

5 times radek zalenka tells rodney off in czech (and what he says).

author’s note: all translations were done by google translate. any mistakes are theirs.

zelenka had requested that some apple strudel be sent with the latest shipment of supplies. in the mess kitchen he set aside a piece for his lunch break & put his name on the wrapping. when he came to claim it, he found rodney with the empty wrapper & brushing crumbs off of his lips. zelenka yelled; jste chamtivý, bezohledný prase! (you greedy, thoughtless pig!)

once, during their first weeks in atlantis, rodney & zelenka were looking for possible lab locations. rodney insisted on leading the way back and promptly got them lost. zelenka figured out where they took a wrong turn and went back, not caring if rodney followed. later rodney smugly told anyone who would listen that he was the one who led them back. zelenka informed him; jste nemohli najít svůj zadek oběma rukama a mapou. (you could not find your ass with both hands and a map.)

a Polish technician transferred to atlantis and it wasn't long before she & zelenka started hitting it off. her engilsh wasn’t good, but they knew enough of each other’s language to communicate. the only problem was rodney, he always managed to show up whenever they were having a nice conversation. he even went as far as to sit uninvited at the table where they were having coffee. after she made a hasty exit, rodney declared; “she wants me”. zelenka responded; asi tolik, jak chce kořenového kanálku. (about as much as she wants a root canal.)

the flu had hit atlantis & about half of the people had a serious case of it, including rodney. zelenka had a mild form the week before and was working in the lab by himself. rodney showed up, insisting he could work. all he did was get in zelenka’s way, sniffle, complain and cough all over the place. annoyed, zelenka turned on him with; Jste tak užitečná jako prsa na kance! (you are as useful as breasts on a boar!)

while on a off-world mission to examine some technology that may have been left by the ancients rodney somehow managed to insult or offend the locals at every every opportunity. zelenka did his best to control the damage, but got fed up and asked rodney; jste se narodil tolik z blbec, nebo trénuješ? (were you born this much of a jackass, or do you practice?)

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