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Friday, October 25, 2013

five things #194 (2)

5 pegasus dishes sheppard could not eat.

john was told it was a desert. frankly, it looked like crap on a plate. maybe it was like the finnish mämmi, but he wasn’t taking any chances. john snuck his portion back on the platter with the rest of it.

they said it was an ale of some sort. it was like a thick milkshake & smelled like cat pee. john dumped it back into the pitcher when no one was looking.

the stuff looked like a pile of cooked ground beef, but had a grey slime on it. john gave it to a dog-like animal that was hanging around.

it looked like the bowl was filled with very large rice krispies. they were making crackling noises, but no milk had been poured on them & john was sure a couple of them moved. he pretended to trip, spilling the whole bowl on the ground.

the fruit looked kind of like an apple, but had a rind similar to an orange. once peeled, the smell reminded john of diesel fuel & the part you were supposed to eat was sort of fuzzy. ronon seemed to be enjoying his, so john gave it to him.

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