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Saturday, August 02, 2014

food thoughts

i've mad a few posts here about burger king & it might seem like i don't like the place. i actually do like their food (most of it) i just think they can do better. they have a new CEO, a 33 year-old guy that i hope will do more than just put out stuff that's a a re-arranged version of what they already have.
and what happened to the 50 cent cone for summer BK? mcdonald's has a 49 cent one. you dropped the ball this year.

a jimmy john's sandwich placed opened up near here not long ago. good sandwiches, but the music they play is too f**king loud. (i suppose that's to discourage people from hanging around too long) they have some interesting/amusing signage in the place. in general, it's better than subway, but doesn't have the bread options (both in size & the type) that subway has.

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