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Friday, August 15, 2014

runnin' on dunkin

a dunkin donuts opened near here recently & my brother is addicted to the donuts & this is the guy who generally avoids sweets. but his reason is the quality will drop off sooner rather than later. see, we have a theory that any new food place with be good for 6 months or a year after they open to get people to come in & then will switch to lesser quality stuff to save money once they think they have a sufficient costumer base to stay in business. the possible exception to this theory is the local IHOP, about 90% of their stuff is still good 6-7 years after they opened here.

the donut quality is pretty good at dunkin', for several of them. the french cruller is tender & the glaze si sweet, while at other places the taste & texture closely resemble cardboard. the oreo cream was not only good, but had a considerable amount or cream in it. and while the butter nut was a hefty, tasty baked good, the crumble stuff on the outside left much to be desired.
there have been some disappointments too. the apple crumb, apple & spice, bavarian kream, and boston cream didn't deliver as promised.

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