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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

return of pumplin spice

i thought i was done with this nonsense last year but they keep adding new things!

kellogs has a pumpkin spice mini shredded wheat cereal. it is not as strong as i recall the cheerios being.

and oreo has a pumpkin spice cookie, but it seems to have a bit of actual pumpkin in it. it's ok.

oreo also has an apple pie cookie, but neither target nor wal mart has it. pooh!

they also have a cookie butter one. it's not too bad. i always wanted to try cookie butter. arby's has a cookie butter shake that i want to try, but the local one doesn't have root beer any more (they're a pepsi place & we don't like pepsi) so it's unlikely that i will get to try it.

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