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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

five things #139

Five times Jack wasn't so tough

when charlie died, he thought he needed to be stoic. at least in public. at home he cried, sometimes with is wife, often alone.

after cassie came to earth jack realized that he missed spending time with a child, so he volunteered at her school. the kids liked cassie's "uncle" and even after she moved to higher grades, jack still dropped in from time to time.

after getting cassie a dog jack wanted one too, but with his schedule he knew that was impossible. so he volunteered at the same shelter where he got her dog from. jack brings a bag of dog food, washes a dog or 2 & plays with the puppies. he considers it therapy.

when jack & sam got married he admits to getting teary-eyed, it was a beautiful ceremony & jack thought he couldn't be happier, until....

their daughter was born about one year later. the first time jack held her, he just melted.

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