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Friday, March 02, 2012

it's offical, new MS show is picked up

from MS-online;

Trade industry source The Hollywood Reporter has just posted the news that NBC has ordered Michael's new series, Saving Hope, for their summer schedule.

Per the website:

It's official: NBC has ordered the Toronto hospital drama Saving Hope, starring Erica Durance and Michael Shanks, for its summer season.

NBC, which has been circling the Canadian media series since late last year for its summer schedule, confirmed the full-season order of 13 episodes, just as Saving Hope heads into production in Toronto on March 12.

The Canadian drama is now set for a summer bow on Canadian broadcaster CTV and NBC.

Saving Hope portrays a chief of surgery (Shanks) whose sudden illness leaves the medical facility in chaos, and his doctor wife (Durance) in shock.

Thirteen episodes of the show's first season were earlier ordered by CTV, which has a track record developing Canadian dramas on U.S. networks such as Flashpoint, The Listener and now Saving Hope.

Canadian producer Entertainment One will deficit finance Saving Hope, as well as handle the international distribution in all media, including all television, DVD/Blu-ray, VOD and digital.

Saving Hope is produced by Ilana C Frank Films, with Entertainment One, in association with CTV and NBC.

The series is executive produced by Ilana Frank, David Wellington, John Morayniss and Lesley Harrison.

Check out the original article on The Hollywood Reporter website.

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